The Cochran/Munster Fam

I always love photographing my good friend Jennifer and her lovely family! It’s also such a great privilege to be asked to photograph a fellow photographer, especially someone as talented as Jennifer.

I photographed these beautiful humans a few times before so i was so pumped when Jennifer wanted to schedule another family session. She wanted to do a Munster/Monster inspired shoot since they are big halloween fans.

I was thrilled!

We were hanging out and discussing location and details, and whatnot…and i thought it would be cool for them to dress up in their Munster look (which they nailed it, right?!) and just hang out with them and document how they spend a average day, or a family day.

They started by hanging out on their super cute back porch where they spend so much time relaxing as a family. Then they headed to a favorite local coffee shop for some coffee and gelato. After that they stopped by Target to grab a few things, and hang out in their favorite isle of course. Then they ended their day at the spot Leila is always looking forward to, the Arcade!

This family is fabulous.

I’m obsessed with these photos.

Check them out!