Skye + Wesley

It was great to finally meet Skye, and her fiance, Wesley. I've been completely blessed with some amazing couples that aren't afraid to love on each other in front of the camera! I mean, i think these two kissed almost the the entire time...kissed and giggled, and repeat. Haha They are so sweet to each other and i wish nothing but the best future for this young couple just starting their lives together. Congratulations again, Sky & Wesley!

As usual, these are my favorite photos from this shoot, Enjoy!

P.S. Wesley had already asked Skye to marry him some time before we shot...but at the time i didn't know the specifics, and Wesley is in the military so proposals and weddings are not always the norm. haha. Either way, i almost had a hard attack when i was just shooting away and  Wesley got down on his knee and proposed! Again. At the time i was super confused, having a heart attack and saying over and over in my head "wait, aren't they already engaged!?... who cares! Just keep shooting!" After my heart returned to normal working order... i learned that he had just got the ring! Regardless i adore these photos, and that moment.