Layla & Charlie

So Miss Layla and her little sister Charlie are always a favorite to photograph! Oh who am i kidding, this entire family is adorable, and the camera eats them up! 

I was able to photograph Layla's school photos. This little woman is so smart and holds such a unique personality... so i was curious to see what she wanted to be when she grows up! 

Layla say's she wants to be nurse. I would have guessed she wanted to be a world famous painter, how beautiful is this?! Plus i happen to own some works of art that happen to be on my fridge from this chic! =)

So after Layla was finished we had to let little sis, Charlie join in...

 I don't know that Charlie actually settled on a specific profession, but she's got a few years to decide. For now, i would say she has a style all her own (which i am absolutely envious of!) and just a sweet, unique little woman just like her big Sis!



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