Its a jeep thing...

I'm sure you have seen this lovely lady around my website or social media sites a couple hundred times or so. There is a good reason for that. Paige is such a laid back, sweet, and hilarious chic, i always love when i get to hang with her and create something awesome. 

Soooo i was super excited when i was able to photograph Paige and her adorable, funny little dude with... their jeep. Everyone knows  playing with trucks, cars and bikes.. anything that goes fast, and/or get dirty... boys  are all over it! How lucky is Bayden? I know Paige is a great Mom, but a Mom that likes playing with cars in the mud too?! Jackpot! 

The relationship between a parent and their child so unique from one person to the next. Myself being the mother of two pretty amazing little dudes i know that bond between a Mother and her Son. It is unlike any relationship you will ever have. Boys are crazy, strange little creatures.... and i know mine can drive me right up the wall some days, but when i look back at those crazy moments, i can actually pull little snippets of something special, even through the frustration. 

Moms of boys are responsible for raising up men. Men who can then go out on their own and start a career or meet that special person, start a family and be a man that is kind, and respectful to others. A hard worker that can set a example for his children. How to treat a woman and be a strong man that stand up for what he believes in. When i think of my boys these are some of the things that i hope i am succesfully teaching them. 

I absolutely adore this shoot and enjoyed watching Paige interact with her little love. Just from spending this time with Paige and her son, you can see that Paige is raising a great little boy. He was sweet, kind, and absolutely gets his funny from his Mama! I'm telling you, they crack me up! When you look at these photos you can see the way Bayden looks at his Mom, and how much he absolutely adores her. 


My style of shooting that i live for are those candid, un posed, in between shots that truly captures the person or family as themselves. Don't get me wrong, posing in itself is a art form. To photograph someone from the right angles, the placement of arms or legs, chin up, chin down... are all very important as well and sometimes needed depending on the person or family. Its always interesting to see the first posed shot of a shoot and how it progresses into people just being themselves and interacting with one another as if i am not even there.  

I would be happy to discuss a Mom & Son shoot, unique to you. The sooner you schedule the faster we will have those memories on your wall  to enjoy every day!