I am the lucky Mama that gets to call these two my sons. They are so very different, but the very best buds!

Chase is the oldest, and he is super laid back. He loves building things with his legos, drawing, and of course video games. Chase has spent half of his life in Guam, and i think he never let go of that laid back island life. Anyone who has met Chase or spent time with him will tell you he is such a sweet, caring boy. That makes me so very happy!

Cael. Oh Cael...haha... he is hilarious! Cael is the opposite of laid back....haha. He is silly, smart, and has a energy level I never thought existed! Cael loves to run around and play outside with his brother and buddies. He is so curious and interested in life, and always asking a ton of questions. 

We haven't had a little shoot in a after school one day we went for a walk on the trails near our house. They wanted to bring a camera of their own, so they picked out their favorite and they tagged along. 

I just love them to pieces!