the film sessions...

Confession. I have a slight obsession with collecting vintage cameras. I started collecting about 2 years ago, and i now have 22 in various spots in my home. So sitting here looking at all the cameras i have collected, i was itching to shoot film. Admittedly, i never really shot very much film before. Just fooling around with my Moms Nikon when i was a kid (i know Nikon..hisss boooo! haha)

Cut to the present day. I was able to meet up with a fellow photog and friend that specializes in film. His work is absolutely stunning!

Here is a mixture of work from a few different shoots.

tysha182 copy.jpg
tysha184 copy.jpg
mamiya rb6703.jpg
Tysha Portra 400-890024231.jpg
antique store163-2.jpg
Tysha Portra 400-890025850.jpg